Random thought of the day - posting on POB/Hive helps you forget about the underlying value of your holdings...

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The crypto markets have been pretty brutal as of late, bitcoin has dropped 50% from highs and if you was the type of person to watch the price and worry after every little drop you would have probably already sold out and run.

I have got to the point now where I just dont care, I have a very small amount of bitcoin I keep no matter what.

But what about hive and POB? Well for me the main advantage of these tokens Is i literally forget all about the current dollar price. If anything I will check the btc -hive ratio from time to time... But I really don't fuss over it.

This is pretty good as it leaves you in a place where you can just post and stake the rewards without fear. Ultimately its all for something one day, we all have our dreams.. But I feel hives main draw for me personally is I don't actually care to much about the underlying asset price and more about the general health of the eco system.

Long live the hive eco system

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Its been a long time I checked my holdings, I have Over 200$ worth of BTC not that its significant but I don't even Want to check what it's worth because I don't intend on selling even if we see 80% dip. I do believe its the advantage if hive, I mean you can do other things other and this takes away the attention from the prices.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Happen to have no BTC at the moment. For hive and POB, it's great time to stake and accumulate as much as before the market picks up.

Also exciting to see all the development going on around the hive blockchain

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Long live the hive eco system

That's it, @madstacks!

I can't say I don't care about the values ​​(mainly because I live in Brazil)... But I try to put token prices in the background as I write.

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Ya man, stacking hive tokens and tribe tokens in good in and of itself. One day, we will be able to buy everything we need directly with Hive and we will be happy we stacked and disregarded market movements. That said, I do swing trade between Hive and BTC a bit. They move opposite of each other a lot. When Hive pumps, I move a bit into BTC. When BTC pumps, I move it back into Hive. Not foolproof, but it has grown my stack a bit. I remember on St**m, I powered up every single token and watched it go down to nearly zero before I started my powerdown.
Now, I try to keep some liquid Hive for good selling opportunities.