There is No Such Thing of Happily Ever After

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The ending of every folklore or fairytale is almost all the same, "they live happily ever after". Especially those with the prince and princess tale, in the end they got married and everything seems to be ok.

But life is not that easy, I believe there is no such thing of life happily ever after. There are a lot of challenges and hindrances that can take away your sane.


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Moreover life after marriage, a couple might be really in love when they are still in engagement or still dating, but might get a divorce after marriage.

The love should be the same before and after marriage isn't it? But then why is the divorce?

There might be tons of factors that can ruin the life and love after marriage, and mostly it is caused by the lack of commitment from both parties to keep it alive.

Yes there is no such thing of happily ever after because life is a roller coaster ride, but you can still enjoy it and be positive about it when you have the commitment and the positivity to go through it all.


Everyday comes with a new challenge, that either one way or the other, couples must go through, their understanding of the concepts surrounding marriage and love will walk them through it.

Happily ever after is just a phrase to tell that after triumph on several encounters, life was peaceful

yes that is true, after the hardwork and manage to win from those challenges then it come the happy : )

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