Have You Smile Today?

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Yes ask yourself, have you smiled today? A little smile can surely make you happy or at least lift your burden a little bit.

A simple smile is also a great conversation starter, just by a genuine smile you can start a conversation with total strangers.

But of course help yourself with a good manner when talking to the stranger, as a smile might a starter but a good manner might greatly help you get more connections.

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A simple smile will also give you a good favor in asking for help, as your genuine smile will be a sign of how nice you are. Thus making others not reluctant to lend you a hand.

Your genuine smile also can help others release the stress they are facing. It gives them something to cheers on, or a warm and friendly feeling that they need to get through their problem.

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Often times I read stories of how one simple smile can really help others get back on their feet after a rough day. Or if you have kids, you will definitely feel that your kid's smile can really erase your long day burden at work


When I feel not happy , I watch funny videos of arabic plays or movies..



That is true my friend, you can just watch any funny video to bring out your smile and your laughter.


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