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With just 66days spent here, I have been convinced that the community is just a perfect place to be at anytime,mere looking at the happineing here and the level at which users tend to grow and showcase their worth irespective of their tribe is something that as really motivated me to come up with this content.

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Have gotten the chance to read lot of article and even go through lot of contents ,the most important part of this is the ability to express yourself in your language,which simply means that the community on it own is a home for all tribes.

With lot of interesting content and exciting post to read about both in English and other languages like Spanish and Portuguese for example,It is now clear that @proofofbrain as Indeed created a perfect way of uniting and bringing togetherness among nations

Sincerely, users like @hranhuk and @wiseagent to me are perfect example to fellow interms of bringing people together with different languages.One thing that as divided the world today is language and ethnic issues,but the community as given us all a perfect way not just to express ourself alone ,but the ability to meet and rubs mind with millions of people across the globe without ethnic issues at all.

Sincerely the community to me as indeed build everyone in the community most importantly the educative part of it

Definitely the community is a perfect means of uplifting the people and uniting the nations

The world at large need peace right now and this is just another perfect means of bringing people together to love each other in harmony too,lot of potential has been derived from the community ragging from the educative part of it and to the level at which writers or author's has been built

The proofofbrain community is Indeed the best place to say no to tribalism and racism,It oneness is the best thing that can help in allowing our society grow alot.

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Your are very correct. Not just Proofofbrain community but also Hive Blockchain as a whole has played a huge role in bringing different people from different places in the world together as one happy family, not minding the differences in languages, races and ethnicity.
It is really the best place to be.

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