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RE: Important information about my trail and Curation at POB

in Proof of Brain8 months ago

We have some trails.

@scholaris.pob has a
@vempromundo.pob has another
@onealfa.pob too

Although none so far has many followers. But, they are some of the most active healers in the tribe.


Wow this is really good news, I guess I'll find one to follow too since I have a little staked 🙂 how do I join?

access the hive site vote that I left the link in the post.

Log in and then go on curated trail. Search the name of who you want to follow, just accept, leave pretty much everything default as it is there and that's it ;)

Alright, thanks a lot for the guide.. I'll do that now

Uhmm please I couldn't find your curation trail, how do I find it, what's the trail name?


I apologize for the delay in responding, these days I hardly had time to respond to comments.

When accessing HIVE VOTE, you click on CURATION TRIAL

Then there is a field to search. Just type my NICK HRANHUK and my username will appear there and put it to follow.

Alright, thanks a lot