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One of the arts I most admire is music, people who can express their feelings, talk about their life stories or historical event in a melodic way have all my admiration. I recently found a comment on youtube that talked about the lyrics of the song Big in Japan by the band Alphaville and to be honest this was my reaction:


Well, before I knew the meaning behind the lyrics I was just wondering "Why the hell does he say Great Japan?!?"

First, the expression “Big in Japan” brings the idea that even if you have little recognition in your region, elsewhere your fame would be much greater. A good example is player Zico, who is known throughout Brazil and who also has a statue in Kashima, Japan.

Well, the lyrics talk about fame and charges together and someone trying to get rid of heroin as they need her to live in a world where he is famous, in addition to the real world.

-"Crystal bits of snowflakes all around my head and in the wind" It means that the demands for success hindered your desire for success in the same way that drugs and this accumulated on your roof (life).

-“Neon on my naked skin, passing silhouettes of strange illuminated mannequins” It just claims that addicts have nothing to offer and that within this group everyone was static and without a future.

-“Shall I stay here at the zoo” is a reference to the Berlin Zoo station in the 80's. It was an important meeting place for addicts and which had many nightclubs nearby.

-"Big in Japan, ooh the eastern sea's so blue" It literally means that your neighbor's lawn is always prettier.

-"I will wait here for my man tonight" it means that no matter how hard he fights, the drug will be there for him again, the drug would be like that girlfriend you like but didn't want to like.

He was sure that with perseverance and work there would be an opportunity to be great (That I'd ever find a glimpse), but he couldn't do it alone and with the drug throwing him down, but even in the face of difficulty he knew how to get up ( Here's my comeback on the road again). In the end, the gongo beat actually means the beginning of a new life story and not the end.


Wow, That's amazing. Me too loves music passionately. But I never heard about japanese music. But all thanks to You, #POB and #Hive, I came in contact with it today and it is really great.

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