Waiting time is frustrating, but it has its value.

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Waiting is not as easy as talking to wait...
Waiting hurts...
Waiting is bad...
Waiting creates anxiety...


But it has already stopped to reflect that for us to be born there is a waiting time, which the pregnant woman needs to deal well with this time... For everything in life there is a definite and certain time to happen, and there is no point in running out of time, because time standby is required.

Wait... but not anyway, wait patiently...

Who likes to expect something?

Just thinking about waiting already limits us to dreaming and we stop living literally to try to see things happening over time... the feeling is of being in the desert or at the bottom of the well, because it generates anguish, affliction.

Those who wait while sitting are mistaken...

When it comes to waiting, we believe that just waiting sitting down and things will flow naturally and nothing will happen, however, that's not exactly what will happen, it will just make negative thoughts take over our mind, and with that we will become immersed and suffocated by anxiety causing the steps to become slow and unsteady.

Waiting is didactic...

It's during the wait that you grow, mature, it's in this process that you learn to plant more responsibly... no one wants to plant and be forced to wait and in the end end up harvesting what they didn't want.

Wait without complaining;
Wait without murmuring;

We are so immediate, we want everything on time, we run over everything and everyone, how can we learn to wait without exceeding limits?

In fact, no one controls the uncontrollable... "the weather"!

Waiting… it's terrible! ➴

Even so, we must wait, however much we don't want to, however difficult it may be... time is the reason for all things.

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Quando tudo o que resta é esperar é realmente muito difícil. Quando é algo do qual sentimos que nosso coração depende... É muito doloroso no início, é enlouquecedor. Mas depois de um tempo, passa... Simplesmente deixamos de pensar sobre isso, deixamos de esperar... E é incrível chegar a essa conclusão; chega um momento que deixamos de esperar e eu acredito que, quando menos esperamos, de repente chega e isso é lindo.

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Toda espera dói, mas tem seu benefício ! Obrigada !

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Recently, one of the applications I use for billing is malfunctioning. Sometimes I have to wait 30 seconds or so for the bill to be sent, when it was lasting 1or 2 seconds normally. I decided to use those seconds to document another portion of the record, something that I would have to do no mater what. So the wait became essentially a non-wait.

hehehe we don't know how to deal well with this waiting time, but sometimes it's the only way out. Do what neh? Patience !

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Patience is indeed a virtue. Time is everything too. Just like the weather which is uncontrollable we allow fate do its thing.

Over time, I have chosen to cancel expectations and watch how things unfold because if u expect too much you can be disappointed easily.

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Sometimes you have to wait... but if you wait sitting down we will lose focus and thus possibly get frustrated with the non-positive result.

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In life time wait for nobody,there time for everything but if refuse to meet up with your time it passes you bye,you can create time for yourself but time can't wait for you to meet him, time wait for nobody.

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Certainly... time does not wait, we must act today, and wait patiently to reap the harvest.

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You're welcome @anacristinasilva 😊👍

Patience they say is virtue.

Alot of things can pop-up during a wait, it can cause one to be anxious, it hurts also, especially when you keep waiting and there is nothing to show for it yet.

However time flies, it is good to give patience a chance, no hurry in life. Take it step by step, bit by bit, and as time goes on you will arrive at your result.

Waiting can bring alot

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Certainly, when we wait too long without acting, we suffer from delay.

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I really learnt alot from your article, waiting for time is actually procrastination which is actually bad and has its nagetive consiquences

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The right way to wait is to keep moving because life goes by and we're not sure what's coming.

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So true my friend

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If it is often difficult to wait for certain things has humans has we always want to get thing's ready and done immediately. Time necessitate that we wait for certain things, it is in process that we learn to value that thing.

Little wonder it is said, The longer we wait for something, the more wait appreciate it when you get it because anything worth Having is definitely worth waiting for.

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It's true... there are things that are possible at the same time, but certain things have to wait, there is no way of wanting to skip the steps. Thanks "

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Hummmm ..... Life the more you wait that's the more you hurt but I believe everyone with there own time you can't never used mine

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Yes...exactly, time varies from person to person, there is no way to want things in the other's time.

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Hi, I would say whatever happens in life happens for a reason. It's during waiting that we so much better introspection and we know ourselves better. It's good to gives us time sometimes. Have a Great day 😊🙏. !PIZZA

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Every wait, however long it takes, has its reward. Thanks !

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