The best pet photo you'll see today!

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This weekend I decided to do something different, my husband and I went to visit a couple of friends. We left our little daughter with my mother-in-law and took the day off.

It was really cool to see friends after such a long time. It was great to talk and my husband and I managed to relax after intense days of work.

My friend has this dog, her name is Luna. I managed to register this funny expression of hers. She is a very playful dog and is seven years old, she is also a bit of a pervert and likes to do things with people's legs, lol

This is my first record using the #pob-photography tag hope you like the photo!

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This is exactly what I was looking for. What an expression and Luna is a real stunner too. Here's a similar look on me 😛


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Linda foto!

Acho que vou aderir a essa Tag também!

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Seria massa se boas fotos se popularizassem aqui na pob, acredito que nas próximas semanas a ''comunidade fotográfica'' será mais valorizada por aqui. Assim espero.

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Tenho notado isso também!

Luna looks amazing, and pose well for the camera.
nice capture 👍


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Say cheese!

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She is cute and lovely. Nice Capture 😊👍. Good to see you relaxing, keep hanging around and having fun. Have a good day dear 🙏. !LUV

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