How many pobs/hives do you need to money not be an issue?

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The idea of ​​making this post today came after I looked at my invoices and saw what I would have to pay in bills earlier this month.

I honestly got scared because for the first time in 7 months I saw that I didn't have enough money to pay my bills. Pausing to reflect, I searched my memory and also consulted my card statements to find out what I had done this month that ended up causing me to extrapolate.

And the answer was quite simple: the items in the supermarket have increased in price this month, so my purchases of basic items like food and hygiene made me spend more. Besides, I went out two or three times to eat out and go out for a walk. The fact of wanting to live beyond surviving here in Brazil makes us in financial trouble and that is truly sad.

For the last few weeks I had been thinking about traveling at the end of the year, but today when I realized that I wouldn't even know if I'll be able to pay all my bills for this month, I got a reality check and felt even a little guilty for thinking about traveling and not paying attention to how my accounts were doing.

I took a look at my Splinterlands letters and put two to sell given the reality I saw today, in addition, I made a basic calculation of how much I would need pobs or hives per day to be able to live more comfortably, without money being a big concern to keep the basics: About 180 pobs a day, or 40 hives a day.

For some this may be little, for me, being able to have this money every day would make me feel calm at the end of the month unless inflation tripled the price of things in the supermarket, which are already absurdly expensive!

I didn't want thinking about money to be something that upset me, but unfortunately it does, especially when you end up depending on it to pay rent, bills, food and leisure.

I think I'll have to take leisure off the list.

And about you? How many pobs/hives do you need per day so that money is not an issue?


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I don't care, I am happy the way I am! I never bring money between my joy and life but leave it to my efforts. We have a saying, "do your job honestly and leave everything to Him, he will take care of your needs". The only condition is, do your job honestly, cheers!

Hahaha when I saw the title of your post, I was like "Can I really call an amount of how much POB I would need not to have issues anymore?" I doubt that so much.

I prefer live my life with plans on making tomorrow better than my yesterday and today. So I'll try to make as much POB as I could without stressing on it too much.

Make money while you can, rest while you can and try to live life simple... You might just not have an issue

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Is good advice!

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It's only normal to get upset when you need money to pay bills and the money isn't there when you need it. I try not to depend on one source of income. I diversify so when I have bills I can always have something to bank on. I'm not active on hive so I wouldn't say how much hive I need for money not to be a problem but one thing I know for sure is no amount of money is ever enough to make one not have a need for more money. This is where contentment comes in..

@dreemport brought me to your post. Keep the ink flowing.

Thank you for your comment. And your point is interesting, it's really human beings are always after more.

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Hmmm, let's see. How many Hive?
I am not sure I can do math like that. I know that to live well, I certainly need more than I am making right now.

As @nbogda mentioned 850 a day would certainly help!

I found you from @DreemPort #dreemport

If i'm to depends on POB to pay my bills then i will be needing at least 50 hives a day to take cares of my bills.

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From my own perspective pob is the ideal thing. I encourage everyone here to always engage and be consistent.

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It's true, consistency is the key.

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if we speak only about bills, food and etc. .. I need 40 hives pe day. But I have a big goals so in a future I want to see 850 hives per day after that I will feel a comfort)))

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850 hives a day would be a dream.

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Not a dream. It's just a goal

thats the awful thing with money, sometimes we just want to forget about that and live a plenty day... but it always give us so much stress😥

I wouldn't dwell on it anymore. Tomorrow's a new day to start fresh~! This is what I'll be posting on @dreemport for curation. Hopefully you can get some sound counsel because I have no idea what the heck even is a POB~! :) I'm just an ambassador for the platform. hahaha Take care @aiuna

Pob is the token of Proof of Brain, the community I write every day! It's a really nice community.

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25 HIVEs ao dia me deixaria tranquilo, porém com a bandeira vermelha 2 vindo, preços de alimentos não parando de subir e a gasolina mais cara, está me fazendo rever algumas despesas para que eu consiga equilibrar as contas

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Rever despesas é o que mais tenho feito esse ano, já não possuo nenhuma assinatura. Toda vez que vou ao supermercado tomo um susto diferente, seria muito bom poder atingir minhas metas diárias com a pob, sem dúvida isso faria com que eu me preocupasse menos com dinheiro.

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I will admit I am fortunate, to be retired and have a good pension I can live off if I am sensible and do not overdo it on things we don't need
But I have at time sin my life lived paycheck to paycheck and just barely and sometimes had to work out which bills i could delay to get through a month

I found my way to your post via #Dreemport

Welcome to my blog! Glad you're retired, no doubt it makes a person less concerned about money. But when you live in a country like mine, even retired people sometimes go through a lot of financial hardship.

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Yes I fully understand
Good luck working things out

É muito frustrante morar no Brasil né? Sem continuarmos em um contínuo processo de aumento da nossa renda, provavelmente perderemos qualidade de vida por conta da inflação. Deixar de viver para apenas sobreviver é ruim demais...

É complicado demais. Eu tenho amigos que moram em outros países e trabalham muito, mas lá ao menos conseguem juntar uma grana, conquistar coisas materiais, nos EUA por exemplo, você consegue viver além de sobreviver. Ás vezes da vontade de largar tudo e tentar em outro lugar.

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All The Best dear, I wish you hopefully complete your goals and achieve financial targets this month. We all have some financial issues time to time and it's good to see POB and Hive really bringing the change in People's lives. You are an amazing author, keep posting daily to reach your goals 😊👍. Have a good day

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Thank you! You are always very kind!


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