Creating expectations is choosing sadness.

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Who has never been disappointed by a situation that didn't go as expected? All disappointment is about this: it's about expecting a specific result of something you can't know until the moment of revelation.

It's hard to live without creating expectations, but it's the best way to live because that way we don't focus on what we'd like to happen, and consequently, we live the present more fully.

I try to be as aware of myself as possible and I struggle daily not to imagine too much how I would like the people around me to act. I have a habit of imagining all the possible actions that a person can take in a given situation, but I always tend to choose the action that I like the most and that's where the error lies.

When we imagine someone's possible actions and choose a favorite, that's when an expectation is born. An expectation is usually beautiful, enlightened, pleasant to imagine until… Yes, until it is broken and then all the frustration, disappointment, and sadness surface, not because of the other, but because we deceive ourselves

Who wouldn't want all their expectations to be real? But expectations are like smoke, shadow, or anything that we can't catch with our hands, they fluctuate and disappear and what's left is just the reality that can be hard or just real, and that will depend on how we see life and situations, will depend on our level of consciousness.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to live without creating any expectations, maybe this is after all my biggest dream; in any case, I will not create expectations about it. It's better this way.


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Its is in human nature to always have an expectations of how things should be or how people should treat and act around us.

This most time is reason of our sadness , because things will mostly or sometimes turn different from what we had expected .

I personal have learn to always expect all possible outcomes from situations, this way i feel less sad when things turn out from the way i had image.

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I personal have learn to always expect all possible outcomes from situations, this way i feel less sad when things turn out from the way i had image.

Most of the time I think so too.

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Humm but no one can ever create it .. because the matter rising up it we definitely come unexpected.... it's something had for everyone of us...

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You just got the exact words in my mind like you are reading my mind,,, just as said "creating expectation is choosing sadness",. This has actually been my case earlier on, just as I was promised by a friend for a help I end up not getting the help and this caused me alot, not just sadness it caused me pains, why? Because I was expecting the favour from him

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I know well what it's like. This will always happen if we're not careful.

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Hello dear, How are you doing?

When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment - Ryan Reynolds

Expectations are really a heavy burden. But isn't it what life is? If everything goes according to our plans then what the fun and challenge in living. In a way it's something that makes us a better person. But turning the disappointment into opportunities is the real task. Have a Great day 😊👍

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