Be patient with what is not up to you.

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It's hard sometimes, I know. But when we have a goal and take the most assertive steps we can, we create expectations about the consequences of our actions.

The point is that sometimes the consequences not will be instantaneous, so we need to wait. Usually when we have to wait it means that the result we are aiming for is not just up to us or it simply depends on time.

An example of what depends on time: When we are exercising daily and eating healthy but have not yet achieved the body we consider ideal, it clearly depends on time and our continuous effort.

And when we have a big bill to pay and we are depending on the pob value increase so that we can get the exact amount to pay that bill? In this case, we depend on the market, that is, on the actions of other people. If sales orders have been prepared, all that remains is to wait.

It's hard to expect what doesn't depend on our actions, but it's necessary. We need to accept that we are not in control of anything but our own actions and to become friends of patience.

I write this today to remind myself of that, but if it served to remind you too, I'll feel useful and happy.

Have a good week.

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Patience is a virtue many don't have. A lot of us want to be in control. We want to know when something will happen and how it will happen and the results but not everything can be controlled by man. Situations that are beyond our control we just have to be patient and watch it play out but even in doing that, the little things we can do to influence a positive turnout should also not be neglected.

However weight loss is an action one can totally control. Let your calorie burn be more than your calorie intake and you will surely see results if sustained for a long time.

@dreemport brought me to your post. Keep the ink flowing.

Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog!

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Your post is thought-provoking! I see patience as a must have virtue for everyone to survive and succeed.

It's not always easy especially now that we are in an age where everything is fast paced! Every choice we make should be backed by patience.

I found your post via @dreemport and have learned something. Thanks for sharing and keep writing! 🙂

Seja bem vinda, espero que tenha gostado!

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Indeed, knowing that we are only in control of our own actions and nothing more is a clear indication that we need to be patient with every other factors around us. Not getting an immediate result doesn't mean we should give up but rather be patient...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece. I was directed to your post by @dreemport

Thank you very much for your comment and welcome to my blog!

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We can control our actions but not every circumstances of the surrounding. Then we have to wait for the right time in order to get the desired results.

I am thankful to @dreemport that brought me to this thought provoking article

Yes @aiuna~! My wife and I have been praying for patience all summer long. Not necessarily with one another, but just with all the current weirdness that has been going on in the world lately. And its so funny, (not funny) that God will seem to work overtime to test it. Good grief~! :) This is the post I will be submitting into @dreemport for curation. I hope this post bring you many visitors. Don't forget to interact with them. If you have any questions I am here for you.

Thanks for the support!

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That's right, most at times when we have done our best, all that will be require from us will be patient to wait until the time is right to get what we want and worked for.

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This is so nice. Patience is the key to anything you do in life.
Good things don't come easy, it's all about consistency in your efforts and be patient for results

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It is true.

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"Precisamos aceitar que não estamos no controle de nada além de nossas próprias ações" ótima flexão, muito boa mesmo. A correta compreensão disso com certeza tiraria um peso enorme que muitos carregamos inconscientemente e desnecessariamente.

É verdade amigo.

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Hello dear, How are you doing?
Having patience needs a lot of courage and it really eases the mind and body. Giving up worrying for things beyond our control is a nice way to build patience. Have a good day 😊🙏. !PIZZA

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It did serve as a reminder to me too.

The point is that sometimes the consequences not will be instantaneous, so we need to wait.

This is also very right. Most things don't come easy. They require us to be painstaking and patient. It requires a plan b sometimes.

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Very true it’s important to manage and have realistic expectations

Found my way to your post via #dreemport

Thanks! I hope that you enjoyed.

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Yes indeed I did



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I believe everything comes at the right time.
To be impatient is to tell God that he lacks perfect timing.
Patience teaches us to value the reward.
When we get things instantly we have very little value for such things.

I agree with you!

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You are right, from my own perspective been patient is the way of achieving goals,there is a saying that the patient dog eats the fates bone,my advice to everyone is that let been patient and wait for the right time.

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