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Non-fungible tokens are game changers and it is nice to see more change in value psychology. The current switch in the improvement of technology and interest shows that anything can be of value. Value is what you see as value, and value lies in everything. It is all based on perspective.

I have been studying NFT for a while and I have an idea of adding some juices to music NFTs. Art NFT remains the number most selling NFT in the world followed by music, but I think music is as important as arts. So, I added some juice to music NFT that will allow people to enjoy more music cards than arts.

In the meeting yesterday, I discussed this with my close investors and potential investors on the market size, benefits and the business model around it. It was an amazing 2 hours. I was glad that people could understand the technology and that we will derive value from the project. One of the investors is a developer also and his reply "this idea is crazy". That made my day!

I was not all that perfect at the presentation yesterday. I had a picnic attack and could barely concentrate at first, but I could get over it thanks to other members of my team that stepped in to give comprehensive details and info about the project and that is @francisx1.

Everyone is important in my team. It has been meeting upon meeting. I have an appointment with my start-up lawyer tomorrow and we are preparing some documents.

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Very cool! 😎 Nice work and good job recovering and doing it. Yea, NFTs are cool!

nice one, greatness ahead sir.