Visit to Chapainawabganj District Office of Prime Life Insurance

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello liketu lovers and all my hive friends, how are you all? Hope you are very well in the grace of the Creator, I am also very well in your prayers and grace of the Creator.

All the people of the world are spending their busy time, in order to make human life beautiful, it is necessary to visit some interesting place in the middle of busyness, or to go somewhere where one can learn something.

Personally I still try to learn new things, I think the more I learn the better my life will be, the more wise I will be. If we are not interested in learning something, then we will not be able to learn anything new in life, and success will not come in our life.

To maintain that continuity of my learning, I went to an office yesterday, which is the Chapainawabganj District Office of "Prime Life Insurance Limited".

After finishing our madrasa class yesterday at 12 noon, another teacher Mohammad Habibur Rahman and I went to Chapainawabganj district, where there was training of Prime Life Insurance at the district office of Pree Life Insurance at Ekta. The training was at three o'clock, we arrived at one o'clock in the afternoon.

I basically went to see and understand what life insurance is like. I learned a lot about life insurance. I used to know about Prime Life Insurance, if a person opens an account, one installment will be waived after paying every four installments, but yesterday I came to know that every installment has to be paid and the payer will get 25% refund. And the higher the risk of life, the greater the jump in money.

I don't like Prime Life Insurance's insurance system very much, it has interest in it, and Allah Ta'ala has forbidden usury, as Allah Ta'ala says, "I have made business lawful and usury unlawful."

Thanks everyone for reading my post today.

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