The moon is beautiful, isn't it

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It looks like i was holding the moon it takes many time to have a better shot of this angle.
The moon is beautiful that is pleasant to look at. I was staring the moon the whole time until it moves in different angle.
Everytime i took photos of a moon it moves in different angles. It was a wonderful night to see such a beautiful sky it gives lights in our sorroundings.The beauty of the clouds during the night are different in the day.
I stayed for the outside for a couple of hours before i decided to sleep
I always fascinates the beauty of nature it made me suprise in shape,color and the beautiful view.

Hello everyone. There was a full moon in a past few days so my mom and i staring at the beautiful sky .When the moon shine in the universe the beauty of nature reveals everything in our sorroundings. It was a wonderful feeling to see such a beautiful view up in the sky i was stayed outside for a couple of hours until i was sleepy.When im done chillin outside of our house i decided to go inside because i couldn't handle the cold of the wind hitted on my body.
When there's a light ther is a dark if the moon isn't shine above the sky i dont usually go outside i was scared in the dark. We dont know whats lurking in our sorroundings when there is no light for our safety purposes.
Thanks for reading to my fellow hivers i hope u like my photos have a wondeful day.

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what beautiful shots dear friend @bhelatnasudepan the first shot is very creative
congratulations for the beautiful shots
Have a beautiful morning

@jlufer Yeah i did a trick that i was holding a moon thanks for stopping by my friend have a good day.

My mom loves the moon so much, ate. Your pictures are very nice.

@naniplayergamer Thank you inday have a nice day😘😘


Did u sleep outside too?

@chinito i was just chillin outside watching beautiful view of the moon. di po ako natutulog outside 🤣🤣🤣