My Weekly Progress Report - 23.06.2021

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Hello there. Periodically I create reports showing the financial and numerical values ​​and status of my account. This post will be about that.

Since returning to with this account, I have a curation goal. I am working for this. And now I have a good curation income, albeit small compared to many curators. My Hive Power amount has reached 10,301. 275 of them belong to me. The rest is delegation. I've increased 53 fixed HP since last week.

I am also curating the Proofofbrain Community with this account. However, I had recently cut off the power due to the concussion in the POB. I'm a little undecided about POB right now. I'll think a bit and decide.

Current Account Status: 23.06.2021:

Account info:

  • User name: @ahmetay
  • Date of Submission: October 2017
  • Start at Hive Blog: 05.03.2021

Numerical Information:

  • Effective Power: 10,301.58 HP (274.99 + 10,026.59)
  • Vote Value: $0.15
  • RC: 19,366,045,202,533 RC
  • Reputation: 61.621
  • Followers: 1,240 follower | 44 following
  • Posts: 795

Financial Information:

  • Hive Tokens (HIVE): 66.000 HIVE

  • Hive Power (HP): 274.991 HP

  • Estimated Account Value: 81.67USD

  • Current POB Power: 41.25

Report Post Rewards: 100% Power Up

The source used for information: HiveStats


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