My Weekly Progress Report - 16.06.2021

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Hello there. Periodically I create reports showing the financial and numerical values ​​and status of my account. This post will be about that.

Since returning to with this account, I have a curation goal. I am working for this. And now I have a good curation income, albeit small compared to many curators. My Hive Power amount has reached 10,242. 222 of them belong to me. The rest is delegation.

I also curate the Proofofbrain Community. I'm a little slow growing there. I currently own 55 POB Power. That was 36.5 last week.

Current Account Status: 16.06.2021:

Account info:

  • User name: @ahmetay
  • Date of Submission: October 2017
  • Start at Hive Blog: 05.03.2021

Numerical Information:

  • Effective Power: 10,242.46 HP (221.87 + 10,020.59)
  • Vote Value: $0.22
  • RC: 19,267,939,109,605 RC
  • Reputation: 61.359
  • Followers: 1,236 follower | 45 following
  • Posts: 776

Financial Information:

  • Hive Tokens (HIVE): 3.320 HIVE

  • Hive Power (HP): 221.867 HP

  • Estimated Account Value: 81USD

  • Current POB Power: 55

Report Post Rewards: 100% Power Up

The source used for information: HiveStats


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