Photophile Picks #377 - Featured Curated Photos

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Welcome to my Photophile Picks series! This post features my favorite photos that I have curated recently. I am active curator of photography posts in the Hive blockchain. At the moment, the topics I regularly check are those based in nature, food, travel, and sometimes good-looking selfies!

Photo Picks

Enjoying What Life Has Given by @anggreklestari

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Nice photos.

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Thank you.

you are wellcome. Have a blessed day.

Hi @photophile Thanks for the curation and congratulations to your community. I wish you every success. Greetings and infinite blessings.

Hola @photophile Gracias por la curación y felicitaciones a su comunidad. Les deseo mucho éxito. Saludos e infinitas bendiciones.

You're welcome! Blessings to you too :)