I tested a YouTube Tutorial recipe !

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First of all, I'm sorry but the thumbnail is not from my own kitchen, my version is really deceptive next to this one which is from the original Youtube video.

Few weeks ago I was working on a project and a colleague needed to left ouf conf call earlier because he was going to buy stuff to make this recipe.

Obviously because I was supposed to work I asked him more information about this recipe and he just sent me this video :

"It's super easy to make and really tasty" - He said to me

I like all the ingredients so there is no reason not to like the final result. And yesterday I finally pluck up my courage and tried it.

My girlfriend was sick and sleeping and she asked me to wake up 1h30 after the moment I had the idea of cooking this. And I realized I was missing the two main ingredients, garlic and parsley.


So I put my shoes and started to run. I didn't want to take my car because the store is only 800m away but I needed to go fast. So I made it, sweated and get back home in around 12 minutes and I'm just disappointed that my watch didn't recorded my run 😤

Did I make everything good ?

Certainly not, but at least few steps were great. So I started with the garlic, I cut few cloves and put it in a frying pan with a lot of oil.


And I'm absolutely sorry about this awful picture. When I shot it it was looking better 🥴

While this is frying I'm also putting pastas in boiling water no need to explain the goal


At the same time I was also chopping some Parsley to add in it.


So, I drained the noodles, added it to the garlic and put in it the parsley. Let it bake for few minutes while stirring, added some lemon juice and then put it in my plate.


For sure the result is not as expected.


And you know what ?

The taste is even worst. I tested it yesterday and failed it but strangely, yesterday it was tasting better than today. There was too much noodles and not enough parsley, I put the lemon juice too late and let the garlic burn but it was really way better than my today's experience.

What's my opinion about it ?

I'll try it again in few days with thicker rice noodles, a better chopping knife, more garlic and not letting it burn and a better management of frying times.

I already shared this experience on noise.cash and if I test this recipe again I'll share my new feeling on this platform !

The next time you'll read something from me will probably be for my cinematographic experiment



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