Che Dac Biet: A Coconut Dreamy Dessert

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My fiancé made a fuss over my choice of this delicious dessert.

I’m sort of picky and she is definitely more open to trying different types of cuisines; but I have broadened my horizons ten-fold when I started eating healthier 7 years ago and being with Tiffany the last 6.

We workout 6 out of 7 days a week - High Intensity Interval Training sessions, but we have a cheat day every Saturday. Hey, we are also Foodies (in our own minds at least)

Today, we went to a Vietnamese spot called Pho88 in downtown Orlando, Florida. We love Pho.

We had passed by Pho88 a dozen times, so it was in our radar for a while now. There are many Vietnamese spots out here, many more to check out and we’ve been to a few.

Again, Tiffa knows I’m predictable when it comes to a lot of my ways; but I caught her by surprise.

During the menu perusal, I never miss checking out the dessert section. It had me at coconut milk, which is a sweet 3 color bean dessert and a choice Tiffany would never believe I would ever consider.

It’s delicious!!!

The crushed ice is a bit annoying, but it’s necessary. It adds to the whole experience.

The coconut foam at the top is amazing which I scooped with the spoon then I used that straw to suck up as much of that flavor as possible.

Yes, the bean obstruction was also annoying, but why complain about it? Just enjoy the experience of it. That is exactly what I did.


Hello @jimmy.adames Who doesn't love crush ice? That's the sole purpose of getting drinks and slushes. Why drink water when you can just eat crush ice? Any good tasting drink with fruit, coconut milk, and crush ice has my attention.

Thanks for sharing your venture. Also, I stopped by to say "thanks" for deciding to send me a delegation. I truly appreciate it and will use it wisely to help others per my plan.

Take care and have a good start to your week.

Yes indeed @justclickindiva and it was my pleasure 🙏🏼