Addressing mental health.

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🩺Greetings to everyone on the #HIVE platform, and to the #mentalhealthawareness community, thank you for the opportunity to participate.

🩺It is my first participation in the #mentalhealthawareness community and for me, it is very pleasant to touch such a broad and controversial topic as mental health, I particularly believe that to be considered mentally healthy there must be a balance between what is said, what is believed, what is thought and what is done, many people by the fact of being successful are considered healthy, however, success, fame, and power should not necessarily be indicative of health and much less mental health, and power should not necessarily be indicative of health and much less of mental health, on several occasions I have exposed it and I think that life has shown me, in most cases the power, money, and ambition makes people sick, to live a harmonious and balanced life you only need serenity and calm, everything else must come in due course, and there is nothing more valuable than the tranquility of a healthy and emotionally stable mind.

🩺Many times we see a great majority of people trying to make superhuman efforts to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, even taking all kinds of medications to achieve it, I think that many times falling into the error of making a cycle in what refers to the state health disease, If a health problem is not treated from its triggers, it is possible that it may occur again, that is why to achieve a state of balance we must evaluate important variables such as food, hygiene, family, work environment, sleep, physical activities, recreation, consumption of drugs, nutritional supplements and other substances.

🩺Within the mental illnesses there is a great variety and they can be classified according to their origin and the characteristics they present, however, the subject to be discussed is mental health, although we must make the caveat and emphasize that when the person suffering from any disorder, alone or with the help of family and friends cannot control the situation, it is vital to attend a professional in the area, before it is too late.

🩺Returning to the subject of mental health, healthy people and those who may present some imbalance, in order to enjoy an optimal state of functioning of the central nervous system, it is advisable to practice outdoor sports, practice some recreational activity, a balanced diet and dietary supplements according to the requirements of the case is vital, activities such as reading and music are recommended, avoid taking drugs and seek alternative therapies such as natural medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga, color therapy, sound therapy, massage, relaxation techniques, etc..

🩺Finally, most professionals in the mental health field recommend enjoying the company of loved ones, the family plays a fundamental role and the group of friends, together with work colleagues, are of great help for the recovery of people who in one way or another have fallen into a state of reversible mental imbalance...

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