All About My Homestead Jersey Cow

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Many have been asking me about my dairy cow “moo” and in this video I go over everything I’ve learned about her in the past month and a half that I’ve had her. She came from a dairy farm that was downsizing and when I saw her I just knew she would have one amazing life here on the Gubba Homestead.

In September she’s due to have a calf. This won’t be her first so I expect she has a pretty good idea of what to do. I also have a neighbor that raises cattle and will be coming over to help and just check in on her and make sure all is going well. This will be the first birth on the Gubba Homestead which I’m simply ecstatic about!

One of the BEST things I learned from a local farmer is a spray called fly swatter. It’s an all natural fly repellent and it’s working great for her. Note This spray is not safe for other animals such as dogs so do not use it on them!

One of the best parts about all of this is how we have bonded. At first she was very nervous and didn’t really want me around her. Now she skips into the barn in the morning to be milked mainly because she knows she’s going to get grains and loves them lol but it’s so amazing seeing her happy here and warming up to me.

That’s my jersey cow moo! I can’t wait for September and for the many more adventures and things to learn here on the homestead.

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Raise or rescue, animals will love you no matter where they come from.

so true ♥️

Moo! Then MiniMoo! How exciting!

So great to see all the life sprouting from your farm. What an adventure and all the new furry friends on the farm are awesome.

Love following your adventure.