Fire On The Homestead!

in Homesteadinglast month (edited)

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Just the other day I showed you a vlog of all the work I did on the chicken coop. What was once named the poop coop by twitch chat lol It took a lot of work to get this chicken coop ready for 9 hens and 1 rooster which I show often in my Instagram reels at GubbaHomestead.

I was out doing my normal morning to do list on the homestead with my trusty dog Kintla and noticed I smelled smoke. That’s not uncommon though as my neighbors including myself use wood stoves to heat our houses and it was a cold morning. I went ahead and continued to do my work and eventually ventured back towards the coop to let the chickens out. As I walked closer the smell of smoke increased and my mind became flooded knowing something was wrong! I flew open the door as smoke billowed out! I raced over to find what you see in this video and quickly counted the chickens with a sigh of relief knowing they were all accounted for and safe.

Since then I decided to get 4 more hens which will be added to the homestead soon! I also did a lot of research to find better ways to heat the chicken coop that are much safer alternatives to what my setup was which you can find here. How to safely heat your chicken coop

Till next time my friends! I'll have a surprise soon of a new addition to the homestead which was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

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You got lucky. When I was a kid, got off the school bus, first thing I noticed was the barn was gone.

heat lamp....

That's so scary! I wont be using them ever again.

Wow! That was lucky, the fire didn't od too much damage otherwise you would have ended up with lots of roast chicken (sorry, for the joke 🙃)

lol I know! I would have been stocked up on chicken for a while 👩‍🍳

Oh dang, that is scary and crazy. I have a friend that has some chickens and last I knew he was just using a light bulb. I think his is hanging. I can't say for sure. That is great that none of the chickens were hurt. It could have went really bad. Also good that you just happened to be out when you were. I found you post on Listnerds.

so grateful it wasn't worse lesson learned!

Here from Listnerds and I'm glad your chickens and their coop were safe and the fire didn't grow big. I'm amazed at how you remedied the damaged floor :)

Yay! 🤗
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Good thing you were close by when the fire started. Thanks for sharing.