Florida Leading In Infrastructure Development In Crypto?

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Florida is going to be the Cryptocurrency capitol of the World? Mining is still being dominated overseas, but many corporations are seeking refuge in Florida's low tax environment and establishing their headquarters in the state. This growth will likely flow into Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana as Texas and Florida take opportunities with investments in Cryptocurrencies.

There are interesting projects in Florida, and the main one I think is important is MiamiCoin. Miami, Florida is developing their own Cryptocurrency as a pilot program to see if they can generate income through taking a cut of mining for their treasury. They plan to use the mining of MiamiCoin as an alternative to taxing their citizens. Will they ever get rid of taxes? Doubtful. Yet, it's all very promising and the project itself is intriguing. For Miami citizens there will be an airdrop of the coin so that they can use it.

This may give the actual state of Florida an opportunity to form their own state cryptocurrency, but who knows exactly. Currently in Orlando, there are some projects in the works that serve as an alternative to Coinbase such as Mercury Cash. Lots of other projects are in the works and crypto-related businesses around the state.

Personally, I feel as if there will be an economic boom in Florida thanks to the advancements in cryptocurrency projects in the state. Things are looking good for us here in Florida.


No, they won't get rid of their taxes. See the lottery. Still, more crypto is a good thing and at least it's a voluntary tax.