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Hello all Hive users...

Last day I have seen a post by @melinda010100 about the #ecencydiscord
I love to participate in contests so decided to participate in same also.
Sharing the pictures clicked with Green Color theme...

First picture was clicked during a visit to amusement park. The background is green plants and one sitting bench with green color. It's green all around lol...


Second picture also clicked at same location ..


Thirs picture is of lighting toys. You can see a number of colors along with green. The night shoot look cool..


Fourth picture is multicolored glass work on wall. Clicked this picture during a visit to Sikh temple.


Fifth is also a tree click.


Sixth is also clicked during the visit to amusement park. It was a nice boat ride. My kid (@gurseerat) insisted to sit in dragon boat (which has color green).


Thanks for reading. Hope you will like the entry.


Hi @guurry123 thank you for joining in to #ecencydiscord weekly posting topic :-) you really found shiny green photos to share with us!

Thanks dear..

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I love the mosaic glass work at the temple! Wonderful green photos!


Yay! 🤗
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