Basketball Movies - A Real Fun!

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Hi, DunkSocial!

What a jump for Hive ecosystem!

I'm delighted to make my first post here.
And I want to simply start by talking about a few movies that I loved where Basketball is a main topic.

The best basketball movies are full of passion, nostalgia and moments that make your heart jump. Here are my picks for the best movies.

In the last decades, basketball fans have been pampered with a lot of movies about this sport, which manage to capture the drama, both on and off the field. Here are 15 of the best, in my humble opinion!

  1. "He Got Game," 1998

Considered by many to be the most authentic basketball movie of all time, "He Got Game" tells the story of Jesus Shuttleworth, a talented basketball player played by NBA superstar Ray Allen.

  1. "Space Jam," 1996

"Space Jam" made an entire generation love basketball, thanks to the greatest player of all time. The evil aliens stole the talent to play basketball of all the players in the world, but they forgot Michael Jordan, withdrawn from the spotlight. In an attempt to save basketball and the world, Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang convince MJ that the fate of the world is in his hands.

  1. "Uncle Drew," 2018

Rucker Park in New York is probably the most famous place in the world, where many NBA players play basketball in their free time. Played by NBA superstar Kyrie Irving, Uncle Drew is a guy who missed his shot, but is about to get a new chance, right in the park.

  1. "The Air Up There," 1994

This film with Kevin Bacon tells the story of a second coach who goes to Africa to recruit a young talent in basketball. Back in the US, the two realize that they have a lot to learn from each other.

  1. "Finding Forrester," 2000

Often called "Good Will Hunting" among basketball movies, "Finding Forrester" is about a talented 16-year-old basketball player with a talent for writing. But having two completely different talents can complicate things more than you might think.

  1. "Hoop Dreams," 1994

Many of us dream of becoming basketball players, but being on top is a long and difficult journey, no matter how talented you may be. This documentary follows the story of two high school students who face all kinds of challenges on their way to professional basketball.

  1. "White Men Can't Jump," 1992

This comedy is one of the first films that popularized basket throwing, a global phenomenon. It's about the challenges that the characters played by Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes have on and off the field as they earn money from 2 to 2 basketball games.

  1. "Celtic Pride," 1996

This comedy is more about basketball fans than the game itself and tells the story of two Boston Celtics fans who would do anything to get their favorite team to win the NBA championship. It's not only funny, but it's also a tribute to one of the most beloved teams in the country.

  1. "Love and Basketball," 2000

Not all basketball movies are about that final throw and winning the game. "Love and Basketball" is a love story between a girl and a boy with a common passion for this sport and it's more about life outside the field than inside.

  1. "Hoosiers," 1986

When it comes to inspirational basketball coaches, "Hoosiers" portrays Gene Hackman as Norman Dale, a 1950s Indiana college coach with a hidden past. The film shows how hard work and discipline can help you overcome anything that is against you.

  1. "Coach Carter," 2005

Many movies talk in detail about the special relationship between a sports coach and his players, but few do so in such an easy and understandable way. With Samuel L. Jackson, "Coach Carter" shows the importance of education, no matter how good you are at sports.

  1. "Glory Road," 2006

This beautifully written and presented drama is based on a true story of a basketball team from a college in the 1960s. The film goes beyond basketball and presents the racial abyss of those times, urging us to judge people only on the merits. they have.

  1. "Above the Rim," 1994

With the special presence of Tupak Shakur, this film tells the story of a high school basketball player, a rising star with a bright future, who grabs the wrong people. It's a familiar story that should be a life lesson for any aspiring player.

  1. "Semi-Pro," 2008

America in the 1970s meant eye-catching clothes, weird hairstyles and a lot of basketball. This comedy with Will Ferrell tells the story of a guy who spent all his money to buy a bachet team and then did what each of us would have done: he took the position of striker in the team.

  1. "Like Mike," 2002

Any fan of Michael Jordan dreamed of being in his slippers, and the kid in the movie, played by Lil 'Bow Wow, had this chance. "Like Mike" is the story of Calvin Cambridge, an orphan who finds an old pair of sneakers with the initials MJ, which give him supernatural powers.

Do you have any basketball movie that you like?

Feel free to check out some on this list anytime!


I've seen a few of these, but haven't seen them all by any means. This is a great selection, and I'm glad you've tagged our friends over at #cinetv Great post! I loved Semi-pro, Space Jam and Like Mike. I really want to see the Uncle Drew film, I think I will be putting that on my list. Thanks for making an initial post on the platform!

Hey! Sure! It was the right thing to do.
I found out about this place from @regenerette, but didn't managed to come in time for the claimdrop so I decided to share this to celebrate the new baby of Hive, #dunk

I'll come by again. These days are somehow full because we have a newborn and life got a bit complicated.

Keep doing a great work!

Claimdrop is still live, go upvote the post! I'll send your coins tomorrow!


I shall do it right now!

#DunkSocial? That must be brand new... but I can see it catching on! And this is the perfect cross-post for hoops and #CineTV. Well played. Two stand-outs on this list for me personally are "The Air Up There" (a somewhat unknown film that I must've watched 25 times when I was a kid) and "Finding Forrester" (which struck a certain chord with me as both an intellectual and an athlete... one of my favourite Connery flicks). Thanks for sharing, and for introducing me to this new tribe! :)

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I'm glad I did several things good today...haha.

Enjoy the new tribe, you will like it if you're into basketball.
I found out about it from @regenerette who always keeps me posted about things. Dunk it's said to have a great future, as my vr-friend told me.

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