BroadHive Ready For A Boom?

in #broadhive11 days ago

The value of BroadHive has collapsed over the past few months, however, there seems to be some recent buzz around the Hive-chain about BroadHive.

BroadHive, like many other tribes out there, has their own community and token so you can post content that is - well - broad. Tokens like BroadHive can be earned by using the tag and the rules for the community are very loose. The community generally accepts general topics. As far as I know there are no strict rules in the community.

BroadHive is moving forward with some new plans to improve the community and help people as the community has made some new announcements. Of course, it's all speculation to think about what will come next, but this small announcement gives us a small glance to the future of the project.

I'm going to be looking very closely at this project for the next few weeks and I suggest you guys also do the same!