Blurt To $0.05 USD?

in #blurt2 months ago

If you have been following the price of Blurt on the Hive-Engine/TribalDex you'll see that the price of Blurt has ballooned these past few weeks. In my opinion, I suspect that the price will increase above $0.05 very soon as more users flock to Blurt and people discuss it on Hive. Blurt isn't like other tokens on the Hive-chain, its far more similar to the pegged tokens which seem to be the best way to secure your income.

Blurt should be treated in the same way how one would treat their Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. It is something worth to hold, not to sell heavily. So that is my pledge, that I won't sell huge amounts of Blurt at one time so that the value of Blurt and the community doesn't panic sell. Confidence in Blurt is really high, so we need to hold our coins to make them more valuable.

If you don't have any extra Blurt, buy some on the Hive-Engine!
Anyways, here's to a great boom in the price of Blurt.
Cheers everybody!