Blurt Goals!

in #blurt2 months ago

I've been on Blurt for a while and I've been using it off and on for the past few weeks so I decided that I want to focus more on my Blurt presence. It's been a great time on here so far and honestly it seems its easier to get readers here. Also getting up-voted here seems more common than it is on Hive-proper, or Steem for newer users. With all that being said, I wanted to make some goals for myself so I can grow my Blurt Power on the chain.

The goals:

  • Have 1,000 Blurt Power staked
  • Have over 100$ worth of Blurt & Blurt Power
  • Have over 250 liquid Blurt.
  • Have enough Blurt Power to be profitable when voting.

Once I have reached these goals on Blurt, then I would know I'm doing good here.